This is just a representative sample of the hundreds of comments sent to us. From police, corrections, probation/ parole, and prosecutors from around the globe the validation of the effectiveness of our material is universal.

from our students

Law Enforcement Training for Criminal Justice Personnel ONLY*


"I have had the good fortune to attend numerous Law Enforcement training classes during my career, for example: FBI, OSBI, OBNDD, and those instructed by my own agency. YOURS was the best. You teach with energy and conviction. You have walked in the “boots” of your audience and truly understand the problems they face. You offer advice and guidance that will not only assist with the duties of being a police officer but, also those duties of belonging to the human race. Thank you for your time and knowledge Sir."

- Lt. T. L. Oklahoma City, OK Police Department

"Thank you ever so much for your excellent presentation. Even with 27 years as a State Trooper and 3 years as a State Liquor agent, your presentation provided new insights and inspirations. Your knowledge and experience as a professional law enforcement officer was evident throughout the course and added greatly to the application of the material. I will be able to use the material on every encounter I have be it on traffic stops or in my personal life. We will meet again one day! Thank you!"

- Trooper C. B. Ohio State Police

"Simply the best training program of any type I have attended in 25 years of policing! I recommend it to anyone who is involved in the criminal justice system."

- Sergeant E.M. Seattle. WA, Police Department

"As a prosecutor responsible for the evaluation of use of force by our police officers the ability to articulate their decision making process is essential for us to defend their actions.  This class provides valuable information allowing the officers to do just that.  It should be mandatory for all law enforcement personnel.  Thank you for an excellent presentation!

Mr. T.W. Chief Prosecutor, Harris County Prosecutor's Office

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