No Public Schools were exempt from this violence

Public-school students threatened to injure 106,200 teachers (12.1 percent of the teachers) in city schools, 83,700 teachers (7.0 percent) in suburban schools, 36,300 (7.8 percent) in town school and 50,000 (5.9 percent) in rural schools.

Public school students physically attacked 50,000 teachers (5.7 percent of the teachers) in city schools, 48,900 teachers (4.1 percent) in suburban schools, 19,200 students (4.1 percent) in town schools, and 27,000 teachers (3.2 percent) in rural schools.

The Department of Education Reports: 

8.1 percent of all public school teachers in America had been threatened with injury by a student and  that 4.3 percent had been actually physically attacked by a student.

School Personnel Assaulted

When a major case of violence occurs in our schools such as the Columbine incident in Colorado or the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut the news media and our nation rallies to support the victims and their families.  A much broader circumstance occurs however that is under reported and demands our attention...the daily physical assault or threat of assault to our teachers and other school personnel.

Teacher assaults by Gender

Female teachers were more likely than male teachers to be physically attacked by a student. 119,500 female teachers (or 4.1 percent the teachers) were physically attacked by a student  while 34,900 male teachers (or 3.7 percent) were physically attacked.



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*Statistics from 2010-2013 show NO SIGNIFICANT change in percentages of assaults or threats of assaults in schools, public and private.

ASsault or threat of assault is real!

Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics reveal that in 2010*:

145,100 public school teachers had been physically attacked by students at their schools in the course of a single school year and that another 276,700 public school teachers had been threatened with injury!

Private Schools fare better but are NOT immune to violence

2.6 percent of teachers were threatened by a student and 1.9 percent were attacked by a student.

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