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October 25, 1978; Albuquerque, NM:The Justice Department asked

then Detective Steven Rhoads to deliver a presentation on

"Subconscious Communication®" today to students attending

training at the Drug Enforcement Administration's Two Week Basic

Narcotic Officers course. The participants enthusiastically received

the lecture and thus we laid the cornerstone of Steven A Rhoads, Ph.D., inc.

In 1981, Dr. Rhoads delivered the material for the first time to international students at a Nordic Conference in Oslo, Norway. Over the past thirty-five plus years students from all fifty states, sixty-seven foreign countries employed by every branch of federal law enforcement, state and local agencies and participants with public and private sector backgrounds have discovered the benefits of gathering/evaluating information using Subconscious Communication®. When the US State Department selected a blue ribbon panel of instructors from the United States to teach for the Soviet Union and Communist block countries, Chief Rhoads was one of six instructors chosen to make the trip. He was the only non-federal employee to receive the recognition of being the first US police officers invited into the Soviet Union to teach police employees.

Traveling the nation over the years, Rhoads has had the opportunity to meet some outstanding instructors and consultants. His company includes a few of the very best of the personnel met during those travels and experiences. Rhoads has partnered with Bruce Upchurch and The Center for Advanced Technical Law Enforcement Training Inc.(CATLET)  Going from offering training in a limited number of areas of expertise the association with these outstanding individuals provides us the opportunity to better meet your overall training and consulting needs. Addressing some of the most critical areas that enhance your organizational goals and objectives, our programs are intended to give you and your personnel skills that can immediately impact your organization in a positive and productive manner.