Please note the reality of violence in our schools as presented in the education statistics section

The National School Safety Center reports that there have been approximately 500 school-associated violent deaths in the past twenty years.  In spite of increased security, guns and gunshots are still prevalent in our schools.  YET, few school districts provide training for their employees to recognize the indicators of impending physical violence or the verbal and non-verbal indicators of danger.  Our program is an excellent in-service program that will provide teachers and school personnel with information to recognize the warning signs of violence and more importantly tools to attempt to diffuse anger prior to it manifesting in physical violence.  Our program has been accepted for continuing education credits.

The presenters, recognizing the dangers/hazards faced by our educators, have permitted these employees to attend the detecting Danger courses.  given the graphic nature of many of the videos shown in the course for criminal justice personnel many educators requested a course for their specific needs.  In answer to these concerns and requests we have developed a program that specifically addresses the needs and demands of our school personnel.

School Personnel

To discover How this program will benefit your staff and help them to gain tools to assist them in Detecting Danger and diffusing anger, contact us for a no obligation consultation. 

Law Enforcement Training for Criminal Justice Personnel ONLY*


The one Exception to our policy of allowing only Law Enforcement personnel to attend this training is Educators & School Personnel.