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Law Enforcement Officers

Killed in the line of duty

Correctional Officers

585 Correctional officers killed in the line of duty

33,000 inmate on staff assaults each year=90 assaults per day, 3.7 per hour

2.7 staff assaults per 100 inmates- county level

1.4 staff assaults per 100 inmates- state level

0.9 staff assaults per 100 inmates- federal level

A Correctional Officer will be SERIOUSLY assaulted at least twice in a 20 year career!

2010             2011             2012             2013

   161                169               121               111

First Officer killed in 1792:  Almost 20,000 officers killed since
Average is 154 officers killed each year, or approximately 1 officer every 53 hours

Law Enforcement Officers

Injured in the line of duty

   2010               2011             2012               2013

53,469              54,774             54,758             60,140

Probation and Parole Officers

No data base to accurately determine number of Probation/Parole officers Assaulted each year

It is estimated that 1 out of every 5 will be assaulted during their career

70% of suspects convicted of attacking a police officer were on probation/parole at the time of the attack

The most common statement heard from probation/parole officers is:     "I know my clients, I can't get hurt!

Ten year average is 58,079 per year, or approximately 1 officer attacked every 6.6 hours